Trooper Bronze by Cinco Studio



Color: Metallic Brown   Material: Suede

Handcrafted boots constructed from water-resistant premium suede, these are designed for all-weather conditions and versatile applications. They feature a durable, rugged outsole for enduring performance.

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An All-around Boot

The trooper collection is our concept to an all-purpose boot that can make anyone look great anytime. It's stylish for going to work, dinner with friends, or an evening with a loved one and fundamentally appropriate for an adventure out in the country. A rugged outdoors boot that delivers legendary performance.

Product Features

- 1. All Weather Resistant Suede
- 2. Rugged Sole Design for Maximum Grip and Durability
- 3. Pull Loop for Easy Fit
- 4. Carefully Planned Weight & Structure for Long-Day Comfort
- 5. Leather Lining and Insole
- 6. Comfort Foam Insole
- 7. Synthetic + Leather Outsole
- 8. Handcrafted Construction

Vintage Look

The trooper Bronze features a premium suede known for its aging characteristics. Beating up these boots will only make them look better in time, revealing a nice vintage look.

Environmentally Friendly Suede Tanning Process

While vegetable-tanned suede takes longer to process and requires the touch of highly skilled artisans, the tradition and the handmade process add to the richness and the exclusivity of vegetable-tanned suede, in stark contrast to the mass-produced chrome tanned suede. It also adds impressive aging, longevity, and environmental friendliness.


Our boots pass through the hands of more than 30 craftsmen and collaborators, in addition to demanding quality control filters to guarantee their quality.

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