Introducing the Zorro Collection!

We proudly introduce our newest and highest quality demanding product, the "Zorro Black". 

Cinco Studio sought the finest tannery in the world, Lefarc, to help develop this amazing product. This model was developed due to the success we had with the Wyatt Suede; we decided the Zorro needed to be our first whole or full grain leather product.  The Zorro’s leather is made with the highest quality and 100% natural calf leather and undergoes a 100% environmentally friendly vegetable tanning process.

The "Zorro Black" is manufactured using the “Blake Welt” method that ensures durability, comes with a 100% genuine leather sole, and a non-slip heel.  We strive to mix elegance, design, high quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship in all our products for those who don’t expect anything less.

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