We are simply GOOD DESIGN


Cincosentido is a creative studio and motion production company located in Bogotá,Colombia. For the past six years, we´ve been creating and developing material for advertising, commercial, digital and interactive projects for tv, web and print.

Since 2007, we have established a reputation for developing creative solutions, pushed many boundaries not following rules, and constantly growing with every one of them. We are a bunch of focused and talented designers, animators, directors, producers and artists.
Our work expresses our freedom as artists’, that’s why we spread our legs by working with many different media like Identity Design, Editorial, Animation, Web Design and Broadcast.

Like you, we want to be the very best in what we do, that’s why we always bring something to the table. We think that’s our showstopper! Our best relationships are collaborative and we thrive on them.

We are not just computer geeks, we also are taco lovers, and cheese obsessed, movie enthusiasts, fathers, girlfriends, and friends to all!
If you would like a showreel or arrange a meeting please contact Luisa García at luisa.garcia@cincosentido.com